Jiu Jitsu Socks

Just because you can’t wear socks on the mat doesn’t mean you shouldn't have a great pair of Jiu Jitsu socks.


Head to Toe

Since we had already changed the game with Gis, Rashguards, Shirts, Shorts, and Sweatshirts we figured the logical next step was some awesome Jiu Jitsu socks, let’s take a look.

Shaka Bones Crew Sock (Blue):  It’s our goal to get you pumped about your favorite parts of life from the moment you start getting dressed, whether it’s  to get to work, hit the surf, or the mats. That’s why we designed the Shaka Bones Crew Sock, taking inspiration from our popular Shoulda Tapped shaka skeleton, to make sure you get your day started in style. Made from a 75% Cotton, 21% Nylon, and 4% lycra blend for maximum comfort and proudly manufactured right here in the USA. The perfect addition to any Jiu Jitsu enthusiast's wardrobe. One size fits most.

Ground Jaws Sock: Do you consider yourself a shark, who’s ocean is the ground?  Then have we got the perfect socks for you. Once again using the soft, durable, made in the USA 75% Cotton, 21% Nylon, and 4% Lycra blend and featuring a shark’s jaw at the top and “The Ground is My Ocean” printed on the foot. Just imagine the look on your high school buddy’s face at the house party when he says “That Jiu Jitsu crap wouldn’t work on me, I’d just stand up” so you calmly remove your shoes only for him to get a glimpse of these bad boys while the very harsh reality of being stuck forever in bottom side control starts to slowly sink in.

Sock it to Me

Whether you're shopping for your Jiu Jitsu obsessed loved one or just looking to add some fun to your own wardrobe, at Flowhold we’ve got you covered with this line of Jiu Jitsu socks, with the quality in materials and design you’ve come to expect.