Jiu Jitsu Flags

The perfect Jiu Jitsu decor for your room, home gym, or academy doesn’t exist. Until now. Introducing our line of Jiu Jitsu flags, sure to spruce up your space in spectacular fashion.


The Options

This horizontally oriented 3’x5’ polyester Jiu Jitsu flag features the Alexis Carrel quote “Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is the marble and the sculptor.” It also offers a hemmed edge for durability and metal grommets on the top corners for easy hanging.

This vertically oriented 3’x5’ polyester Jiu Jitsu flag features the artwork from our popular Endure Tee, a Tiger pierced with arrows, surrounded by the Marcus Aurelius quote “If it is endurable, then endure it, stop complaining.” The top two corners feature hanging grommets.

In true Flowhold fashion, sometimes there’s no point beating around the bush. This Jiu Jitsu flag says simply and effectively “Fuck Luck Work Harder”. Enough said. It is also a vertically oriented, 3’x5’ polyester flag featuring the same easy hang metal grommets at the top two corners.

Plant Your Flag

In our undying effort to supply you with the very best in Jiu Jitsu gear, apparel, and accessories we’re stoked to show off this collection of Jiu Jitsu flags. Hang 'em high and fly 'em proud!