Jiu Jitsu Shirts

Are you sick of the same worn out Jiu Jitsu shirts with cheesy slogans, tired puns and poor quality materials? Well, so are we. So, we’re proud to introduce our unique collection of Jiu Jitsu shirts, with clean, modern branding and logos and made with only the highest quality materials that we believe absolutely choke out the competition. Designed to be worn in every setting, whether that’s to or from the gym, or a night out with your friends, you’ll always be able to show your love for Jiu Jitsu with these shirts.


What are the details?

Our Jiu Jitsu shirts are screen printed on high quality fabrics, meaning they feel good and look good for a long time. Take your pick between classic 100% cotton Jiu Jitsu shirts for a breathable fabric that can even be shrunk once in the dryer for those who prefer a closer fit. If it’s performance you’re looking for in your Jiu Jitsu shirts then our 60% cotton 40% polyester blend boasts elements of a quick drying, and stretch resistant fabric. No matter which fabric you pick, all of our shirts are 100% machine washable and fit true to size.

A Jiu Jitsu shirt for every style

No matter who you are, our collection has something for you.

  • For the low key

Maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to wear their interests on their sleeve, and prefers to keep their cards close to the chest. Our Flowhold T-Shirts are perfect for you. Coming in multiple colors like Light Olive, White, and classic Black you’ll be able to sport your love for Jiu Jitsu while remaining incognito.

  • For the loud and proud

Are you the type of Jiu Jitsu enthusiast who doesn’t abide by the first rule of fight club and loves a good inside joke? We’ve got the perfect Jiu Jitsu shirts for you. Check out our Shoulda Tapped Tee and Guillotine Tee sure to be great conversation starters with the uninitiated or a laugh with your training partners.

  • For the traditionalist

If you’re a fan of iconic, time tested styles but still want a Jiu Jitsu shirt we’ve designed several shirts just for you. Our Classic Flowhold ¾ Tee has the classic baseball raglan sleeve look that never goes out of style, and our Varsity TriBlend Tee brings back the nostalgia of the highschool sports that we got started with.

Don’t settle for boring old Jiu Jitsu shirts

Our shirts are a cut above the rest, with high quality materials, modern fits, and most importantly, designs that actually look cool. It’s time to move on from ill fitting, low quality, low effort shirts and update your look with something you’ll be proud to wear. Whether you’re a No-Gi only wizard, a twice-a-day everyday competition phenom or the hobbyist looking for a way to show your passion for the sport, our collection has something for you. Here at Flowhold we’ve created a line of Jiu Jitsu shirts that we know you’ll love so, here’s to clean takedowns, effortless sweeps, and Jiu Jitsu shirts that finally don’t suck.