Black Jiu Jitsu Gi

You asked, we delivered. Our classic Flowhold Fundamentals Gi is now available in sleek black. All the same quality of materials, workmanship, and design that you have come to expect from our gear went into the creation of this black Jiu Jitsu gi, so it’s sure to make a great addition to your collection.



Just like the white Flowhold Fundamentals Gi, the black variant features a premium quality 450 GSM Pearl Weave Kimono with 10 oz Ripstop Cotton Pants. Not only is the material comfortable to wear but it will stand up to even the most vigorous training sessions on the mat.

The Kimono itself features a clean outline design in white stitching on the lapels, sleeves, and skirt, with white Flowhold logos on the left chest and back, and white a Flowhold patch on the right arm.

The Pants feature white outline stitching on the cuffs and “a merging of action & awareness” in white stitching on the right leg.

The tag on the inside of the Kimono reads:

“This item is designed for vigorous use. Sweat and blood will, in fact, improve this garment. Consequently, the mind, body, and soul of the user of said garment will also improve.

Wash cold and hang fry to preserve sizing integrity. If a snugger fit is desired, wash warm and machine dry.

Don’t forget, Jiu Jitsu should be fun.

Don’t forget, Jiu Jitsu is violent by nature.

Don’t Forget, Jiu Jitsu is a gift.

Be Present, find your flow, hold on to it.

We kindly request you maintain a positive mental attitude while utilizing this garment.

Thank you.

A merging of action and awareness.”

Black is the new white

Every practitioner needs a classic black Jiu Jitsu Gi, so we made an absolutely top quality Gi that you’ll be proud to wear. Whether you want to make a statement during training or for that epic podium picture at a tournament, we’ve got you covered with our Flowhold Fundamentals Gi, now in black.