What to Wear for Jiu Jitsu

What to Wear for Jiu Jitsu is a question that can be answered a few different ways.

Maybe it’s your first class and you don’t even have a uniform yet, or maybe you're a seasoned veteran on the mats looking for the best of the best gear. Either way, by the end of this article you’ll know exactly what to wear for Jiu Jitsu.

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On the Mats

The obvious place to start is with what you should wear while actually training jiu jitsu, for either Gi or No-Gi classes.

Gi Class

  • Gi

 We covered what the perfect gi is in a previous post so to keep it brief we’ll get straight to the point here, you’re gonna need a Gi for Gi class, and we’ve got you covered with our new Life/Death Gi.

  • Rashguard

Many gyms won’t require this next item but many practitioners prefer it not just for its moisture wicking capability but also for its protection against possible skin infections like ringworm and staph. We have them available in both short and long sleeve. Either will be fine to wear under the Gi but the long sleeve variant will add even more protection from Gi Burn.

  • Spats

Another added layer of protection from the above risks, but worn under the Gi pants as an under garment. Many companies make these compression pants and affordable options can be found easily at your local sporting goods store or on Amazon.

  •  Slides

Something that should always be in your gym bag is a good pair of slides. It's a major Jiu Jitsu faux pas to walk barefoot from the locker room onto the mat tracking all the dirt and germs along with you, so grab a pair and make them a part of your daily gear.

  • Mouth Guard

While not a requirement for training Jiu Jitsu since we aren’t training with striking, accidents can happen, and for some of us hobbyists the last thing we need is to show up to work the day after training with a missing tooth. I’ve been wearing this particular brand for years now, but there are many different varieties out there to choose from.

  • Ear Protection

This piece of gear isn’t nearly as widely used in Jiu Jitsu as it is in other grappling sports, but if you want to avoid cauliflower ear long term there’s really only one surefire way: wear headgear.

The most common headgear you’ll see used in sparring is of the softer variety, as opposed to the classic wrestling style headgear.

  • Tape

If you’re new to Jiu Jitsu you may have been wondering why a bunch of the guys you train with all sit around before class starts wrapping their fingers in athletic tape. The short answer is it reduces risk of injury to the finger joints such as after a nasty grip break, and can even help increase grip strength. Over the years I’ve asked a ton of people in the Jiu Jitsu community which tape they prefer, and let me tell you, people are passionate about their brands. In my experience, the most popular among my training partners is the Johnson & Johnson variety.

No-Gi Class

  • Rash Guard

The No-Gi gear loadout is much more simplified and can vary based on what your gym requires. While some tournaments may let men compete shirtless, while training in the gym it's generally best to wear a rashguard, whether long sleeve or short sleeve is up to you.

No-Gi is generally practiced in a pair of pocketless shorts, and we’ve got you covered with our Fundamentals Shorts. They are manufactured from a premium 4-way stretch material, featuring a tailored 16” outseam, a double velcro closure system, internal drawstring to ensure tightness, and a pocketless design to prevent unwanted snags.  Designed to fit like a favorite board short while still functioning like a fight short should and they’re IBJJF Approved.

  • Spats

For similar reasons as with training in the Gi, you may want to add a pair of these under your fight shorts.

On the Streets

Now that you know what to wear for Jiu Jitsu let’s get you kitted out with your off the mat look. We here at Flowhold have not only created high quality training gear but have also drawn from our love of surfing and jiu jitsu culture to create a line of merch we’re sure you’ll love.

Maybe you need a shirt to commemorate your favorite submission, or a hat to hint at your go to guard. All of our off the mat goods are made from high quality materials and feature sleek modern designs to suit your personal style, like the runaway favorite from our recent collection the Shoulda Tapped T-Shirt. Now that fall is here and winter is coming be sure to grab a classic Hoodie, and if you’re Christmas shopping for a Jiu Jitsu enthusiast we’ve got the perfect stocking stuffers, socks that they’ll actually want to wear, buttons for their jackets or gym bags, or even the perfect jiu jitsu bumper sticker.

Make sure to create an account with us so you’ll be the first to know about all future product drops, whether you’re training Gi or No-Gi, on the mats or off, we’ve got everything you need to wear for jiu jitsu.

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About the Author

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This article was written by Taylor Alexander, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt.

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